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Roselle Dental Exam

Roselle Dental Exam

There is nothing simpler or more fundamental to promoting and maintaining optimal oral well-being than a checkup every six months. A complete oral examination, images, and teeth cleaning form a comprehensive strategy that when combined with your own oral hygiene at home will ensure that cavities and gum disease are infrequent occurrences. At Lake Street Dental, we are committed to making that a reality.

Our Roselle dental exam begins with a visual inspection and physical check of your teeth, gums, and supporting oral anatomy, including your jaws. Signs of loose teeth, fillings, and restorations are looked for. Are your gums red and do they look irritated? If so, those are typical indicators of early stage gum disease, gingivitis. Imaging reveals what’s going on inside your teeth. Certainly, cavities may be present, but so to could cysts or other oral pathology. There is no doubt that early detection and prompt treatment are key to positive outcomes. This is also the case when it comes to oral cancer, for which a screening is also performed. If you have any existing cavities, it is essential to fill them before they grow larger and put you at risk for a toothache, infection, root canal, or even an extraction. Our Roselle dental exam is accompanied by a professional teeth cleaning, which produces two vital results. First it eliminates any tartar buildup that has developed since your last visit. Tartar is a hardened form of dental plaque. And any of the effects of gingivitis are reversed so that gum disease will not progress to the advanced stage of periodontitis. That’s a relief because it is associated with gum bleeding when you brush, receding gums, and persistent bad breath, all due to inflammation.

Why not contact our office right now and book an appointment to come in for our Roselle dental exam? Do right by your teeth and gums so that they will do right by you.

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