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Roselle ZOOM whitening

Roselle ZOOM whitening

Have you begun to feel that your teeth are simply not white enough? In fact, do you feel that your smile has a downright dingy look, and you want your smile to be whiter and more inviting? If so, it is probably time that you thought about having your teeth professionally whitened at our dental practice where we use ZOOM professional teeth whitening. This teeth whitening system is thought of by many dental professionals as being the most effective and best professional tooth bleaching system available. When you want Roselle ZOOM whitening, come see us at our Lake Street Dental office.

At our dental practice our expert cosmetic dentist is Dr. Harj Khaira. Dr. Khaira has been providing exemplary cosmetic dental care for our patients in our Roselle office since 2005. We also specialize in general dentistry as well and welcome patients of all ages. We find that more than ever patients are coming to us for professional teeth whitening. It used to be that teeth whitening was considered something that was primarily used by people in the public eye or for special occasions. However, today tooth whitening is almost considered a necessity if you want your smile to be as white and as bright as the smile of others around you. If you are interested in Roselle ZOOM whitening, you are welcome to come to our office for a complementary cosmetic consultation.

Patients enjoy coming to our office for in-office teeth whitening because they can have beautiful whiter and brighter teeth in as little as one hour. Our ZOOM whitening system whitens both upper and lower teeth at the same time. The teeth whitening gel is activated, and the results enhanced, by a special ZOOM light that is used during the procedure. Patients always leave our office with a big smile after the tooth whitening procedure is completed. In fact, some of our patients have a hard time believing just how much of a difference Roselle ZOOM whitening can make to the look of their smile. During our consultation, our dentist will be able to tell you what results you can expect from our in-office ZOOM whitening system. We also offer custom-made maintenance trays that you can use at home to help keep your smile as white and as bright as possible. Your new, stunning smile is closer than you think – simply contact us today for a free consultation.

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