Roselle Zoom Whitening

Get a whiter smile in Roselle

Roselle Zoom whitening

Roselle Zoom whitening

For many people clean healthy teeth are just the foundation of their smile. To present their best smile they need their teeth to also be their whitest. A broad shiny white smile projects friendliness, confidence and a willingness to engage with the world. Unfortunately, eating, drinking, smoking and the use of some medications have dulled and stained many people’s smiles. There are many ways to whiten teeth, the drugstore shelves are lined with whitening kits, whitening strips and whitening toothpastes, all of which will get your teeth whiter but usually the results are minimal and take weeks to achieve and don’t last very long. Whitening done by a dental professional such as our Lake Street Dental practice is far more effective and longer-lasting then anything out of a retail box. While there are several ways our doctor can whiten your smile Roselle Zoom whitening is the most effective.

Roselle Zoom whitening is done by our doctor in our state-of-the-art dental office in just one short visit. This process eliminates days or weeks of using trays filled with bleaching solution. In one hour the Zoom whitening system, which combines the most effective bleaching solution with high technology gets your teeth the whitest they can be. The process starts with a free cosmetic consultation with our doctor where he will discuss the program with you and evaluate whether the Zoom system is the best approach to whitening your teeth. During the treatment our doctor will place a whitening gel on your teeth and then use the Zoom laser to activate the gel. The patient feels no heat or discomfort from the laser, which just admits a high intensity light directly onto the teeth. After 15 minutes the gel is rinsed off and the process is started again. The patients will undergo a total of three or four gel treatments during the hour depending on the degree of discoloration of their teeth. After the hour the treatment is completed and their teeth can be as many as eight shades whiter. The results are actually quite startling.

Roselle Zoom whitening effects will last much longer than those produced by other methods, our doctor will give the patient a customized maintenance kit to use at home to reinforce the office treatment. Our practice believes so strongly in the Zoom treatment and the positive effects it has on our patients that we offer it at a special reduced price making it extremely affordable. Don’t walk around with dull, discolored or stained teeth; call our office to set up a free cosmetic consultation to learn about what Zoom whitening can do for your smile.

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