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ZOOM! Teeth Whitening in Roselle IL

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ZOOM! Teeth Whitening in Roselle IL

ZOOM! Teeth Whitening in Roselle IL

You want whiter and brighter teeth and at Lake Street Dental, we’re committed to providing that for you. If you want results that are impressive, fast, and safe, you can’t beat our Zoom! Teeth whitening in Roselle IL. The Zoom system from Philips is a highly advanced way to offer you that fantastic smile. Over 10 million people have benefited from this method and you can too.

No matter how well you take care of your teeth, there is a natural erosion of tooth enamel that comes with aging. As you get older, the white outer layer of your teeth gives way to the duller tissue underneath. And what shows is teeth that aren’t as bright anymore. Of course, there are personal habits that contribute to the staining and discoloration of your teeth and those include tobacco, even smokeless; drinks like red wine, coffee, and tea; and foods such as berries, curry, and soy sauce. What is more important than why your teeth have lost their whiteness is that our Zoom! teeth whitening in Roselle IL can turn that around for you and reverse the effects.

You might be wondering why this system is superior to other type of teeth whitening. Well, for one thing, it has been proven to get teeth up to 8 shades whiter, often in the course of just a single 45 minute treatment. And even if your teeth have become yellowed or brown, there is every reason for you to be confident in the ability of our Zoom! teeth whitening in Roselle IL produce an outcome that will make you happy. The less discolored your teeth are right now, the quicker you will see the positive changes. There are a variety of strengths and treatment types available, something for everyone. Best of all, you never have to worry about your tooth enamel because Zoom! protects it as part of the process. Sadly, this cannot be said for all teeth whitening products, particularly some that are sold over the counter.

There is simply no reason for you to live with teeth that aren’t as white as you would like them to be. The benefits of our Zoom! teeth whitening in Roselle IL are obvious. It all starts with you. Why not call us right now?

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