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Roselle Invisalign

Roselle Invisalign

Getting straighter teeth can be a pleasant experience with our Roselle Invisalign. Boasting features that are not possible with traditional metal braces, we at Lake Street Dental are pleased to offer them.

Ultimately, what matters most is how effective your braces are in repositioning your teeth. And our Roselle Invisalign can be counted on for that. In addition, they are virtually unseen. The clear plastic is see-thru and so you can go about your normal routine without anyone else knowing that you have anything on your teeth, so you won’t feel awkward or self-conscious. For some people, that’s the only reason for wanting this revolutionary system, but we can provide some additional ones. How about greater comfort? Metal braces may cause you soreness or irritation, but not plastic. It’s a pleasure to wear. Speaking of which, although you should essentially keep your aligners in 24/7, there are a few times when they should be removed. Take them out when you eat, brush, and floss. That means you can eat all your favorite foods during the course of your treatment. With metal braces, you cannot remove them and you have to avoid crunchy items that could damage them, as well as sticky or chewy ones that may get stuck in them. Our Roselle Invisalign represents freedom. And that extends to the fact that you won’t have to come in as often as you would with metal braces. There are no adjustments required. You will wear a new set of aligners every two weeks, with each set perfectly calibrated to perform its role in the overall strategy.

Find out if Invisalign is the right choice for your orthodontic needs. Just reach out to our office now and we will set up a time for you to come in for a consultation and examination. Say goodbye to crooked and poorly positioned teeth for good.

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