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Roselle Dental Implants

Replace missing teeth in Roselle

Roselle dental implants

Roselle dental implants

If you have empty space now where you used to have one or more teeth, consider our Roselle dental implants as the solution. Old-fashioned ways to replace missing teeth, such as fixed bridges and removable partial dentures, are still around and why not? They have stood the test of time and they do a good job, particularly from a cosmetic standpoint. But on a practical level, we at Lake Street Dental, are excited to tell you about all the benefits that are associated with implants.

First of all, a bridge or dentures only replace the tooth at the surface. What about the root underneath? Without it, your gum and bone tissue can atrophy, your facial contours may be altered, and without the root to hold it in place, those other restorations require either messy and unreliable adhesives, or the drilling down of neighboring teeth with crowns added to anchor them into position. Our Roselle dental implants don’t need any of that.

The process entails two steps, but they are separated by several months. First, the root portion is put in surgically. This consists of a cylindrical titanium post put into your jaw, at the spot where the old root used to be. Over the next few months, your jaw bone grows around it, eventually fusing with the post. This makes for a strong and durable bond. The second step involves fitting a tooth-colored crown to the top of the post and then cementing it in place. The result is a replacement tooth that looks like a real one, but more importantly also feels and functions like one. You can speak, laugh, and chew with 100% confidence when you have our Roselle dental implants. Floss between it and your other teeth like normal.

With proper care, there is no reason not to expect an implant to last a lifetime. Not everyone is a good candidate for one, but it’s very easy to find out. Just schedule a consultation and exam at our office. The primary requirements are that your gums need to be healthy and your jaw bone thick enough to support the post. If so, you can get our Roselle dental implants and get back your full smile once again.

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